There are a variety of methods that Realtors use to determine the value of a home.  The most common method to determine the value of a home is by completing a comparative market analysis, which is a deep evaluation of similar homes in the past 6-12 months performed by a top relator.

Considerations that a professionally completed market analysis includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Square footage
  2. Number of bedrooms
  3. Number of bathrooms
  4. Upgrades to kitchen
  5. Lot features
  6. Location; primary or Neighborhood Street?
  7. Style of residence

Making home improvements that add value to your home are a smart investment. But over improving real estate can be like pouring money down the drain. When you improve your home, you get value in two ways—the economic value that comes when you sell the home, and the enjoyment value you get now. Some improvements never pay off such as trendy paint colors, elaborate gardens, or high-end fixtures. The more the home is customized for you, the less likely it will be acceptable to a potential buyer. To maximize the salability of your home, stay neutral.

When buying a home, a common question home buyers have is regarding the neighborhood/area.  As a real estate professional, there are rules against steering and providing personal insight into specific areas and neighborhoods.  At Artal, we will provide you with tips to help you choose the right neighborhood when buying a home. Many buyers wonder about the growth of the local economy and local amenities.

Real estate finance is the cornerstone of loan books for many banks and financial institutions involved in lending. For the majority of borrowers with real estate assets, this type of finance is a significant factor within their overall finance package.

The recent turmoil in the world’s financial markets, coupled with the dramatic slowdown in real estate markets and rapid recent devaluation of real estate assets presented significant challenges to all providers and users of real estate finance, however markets are now recovering strongly.

Despite the strong recovery, new and existing transactions are all subject to increasing scrutiny, with covenants and conditions precedent in particular under regular review.

Real estate depends upon the market you are investing in and it is different in each market. We primarily purchase properties in the Egyptian real estate market which did not have the huge price declines that many other major markets have. It is a much more stable market with high cash flow returns.

Our company buys distressed properties from banks, homeowners and multiple places, fixes them up and puts a qualified tenant in place that produces a great cash flow stream. We make money by helping our clients purchase positive cash flow investments with cash, seller financing, bank financing or joint ventures with us. In our joint ventures with capital partners we make profit WITH our investors. We also provide promissory note investments, syndicated investments and multifamily investments that we make money off of with our investors where our interests are strategically aligned.