– Artal has experience in the field of real estate development since 1997.

– Is the owner, executor and consultant of all its projects.

– Select the best locations to suit the aspirations of our customers.

– Multiple projects and diversity of areas.

– Commitment to the project delivery deadlines.

– Diversified payment systems to meet all customer needs.

– High quality delivery specifications.

– Previous work and commitment to construction standards.

– Owning an integrated engineering management.

– Availability of after-sales services and customer benefits programs.

– Artal projects started in Heliopolis and then moved to New Cairo. It has projects in Al Yasmen, Al Banfseg, South Academy, Andalus, North Lotus, New Lotus, Beit Al Watan and New Narges.

  • Artal currently has more than 20 projects in different locations in New Cairo (Lotus – Bait Al Watan – New Narges)

There are several conditions for the application of the principle of real estate finance, as the required paperwork for the registration of the unit and its licenses and title deed from the same body, so it is difficult to obtain real estate financing in the new cities for projects under construction, because of the lack of all the required paperwork to complete the granting of loans, However, there are some banks are requesting paperwork to facilitate the process of giving loans, but at a fairly high interest on projects established and registered in the mortgage.

Artal has more than 20 projects in different areas in New Cairo and each project has its own best use of the spaces, The units at Artal’s projects start from 125 meters up to 238 meters.

  1. Artal has several areas of work and each area has its own advantage, both for housing and for investment

  • Lotus Area:
  1.  Features near the services and commercial centers.                         
  2.  Overlooking Clubs Street.          
  3.  The only area linking the southern 90th Street with the Northern 90th Street. 
  4.  Characterized by lower population density.
  • Narcissus Area:
  1.  Fast residential area.
  2.  Close to the German University and Fatima Sharbatly Square.
  3.  Close to Katameya Ain Sokhna road.
  4.  Featuring proximity to all services.
  •   Bait Al Watan Area:
  1.  Connecting all the main hubs of the community (Bin Zayed Axis – Middle Ring      Road – Suez Road).
  2.  The link between the administrative capital and the assembly.

Each region has its own different criteria and license laws than others, but there is generally a set of fixed standards for violations:

  1.  Number of units per floor if more than specified by building permit.
  2.  Low ground duplex with high ground.
  3.  Internal staircase connected to the units either on the ground or the roof.
  4.  Structural ratio on land area.
  5.  Construction on the roof more than 25% of its total area. Consequently, construction violations in the project are harmful to all owners and not only the owner of the violating unit.

There are always several determinants to determine the places and areas of investment or Residence, but in general are determined:

– Investment: Preferably an area under construction because the time factor in its construction increases the material value in the long term and allows the opportunity of installment over a long period of time and the choice of location and space Baiali of high value.

– Residence : It is preferable to choose vital places eligible for nearby housing or the availability of services if it is immediate receipt, but if it is housing after a period, choose the right place for the aspirations of the client in the future. There are new areas that combine housing and investment with the availability of all services beside them and the long repayment period and increase their material value.

There are some criteria and reasons on which the purchase decision is made and which must be checked for availability:              

  1.  The company is the owner of all projects.             
  2.  Having a business precedent for the company to ensure the specifications delivered and its strength in the market.              
  3.  The implementation of the load percentage on the client is a fair ratio.              
  4.  There are no construction violations in its projects.              
  5.  The contract shall be a first party and shall be a contract on fair terms.