The New Narges in the fifth settlement

Why the new Narges of the fifth settlement is a guaranteed investment?

The new Narges (Al Nargis EL Gadida)  in the fifth  settlement  

  • The location of the New Al-Nargis district 
  • Features of the fifth Settlement districts  
  • The average price per meter in new Narges
the New Narges - New Cairo

The New Narges – New Cairo


The new-Nargis is an area of buildings with little population density as the building consists of the ground floor and only three iterative floors 

The houses are allowed to be set up in two apartments only  


The new district of Al-Narges is close to the Compound Diplomasin, the University of Germany, and nearby

It is a very popular service area, international schools, and shopping malls and has plenty of green spaces to provide more comfort and tranquility




  • It is a fully self-contained area which is one of the finest districts of the Fifth gathering  
  • The main streets are spacious  
  • Close to South 90th Street between the diplomatic compound  and the Gardinia Heights  
  • Away from traffic problems and congestion  
  • The low population density is very luxurious and quiet  
  • One of the most beautiful in the new Lanskap is the vast land areas 

Average price per meter  


The price per meter in Al-Nargis district at the fifth gathering starts at LE 9000 


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