Mohamed Bin Zayed axis – New Cairo

  • The importance of the Mohamed Bin Zayed axis 
  • Features of the units close to the Mohamed Bin Zayed axis 
  • The most important areas near the Bin Zayed Road 


Bin Zayed axis is a project set up by the Urban Planning Authority within the framework of the State plan for developing transport in New Cairo 

It is the main axis linking Cairo to the new administrative capital 

It is also the first time that the United States has been able to provide a more open and up-to-the-road service to the United States Lotus and East New Administrative capital 


Bin Zayed axis - the new administrative capital | New Cairo

Mohamed Bin Zayd axis – New Cairo


Features of the neighborhoods near the Bin Zayed Axis  


– Choosing your apartment close to the main hubs gives you easy access to services and new cities and away from the traffic  

Mohamed bin-Zayed road links the Lotus area, the heart of the fifth assembly, to the central ring road, leading to the Al-Fattah Al-Aleem mosque and the capital The administrative department passing through the area of Beit Al-Watan  


This makes your unit close to the new administrative capital and Cairo through the main roads such as Suez Middle ring road, Ain Sukhna road, and 90th street  


The main features of the accommodation near the Bin Zayed Road  


  • Away from the crowds of Cairo city  
  • Close to services and administrations of the new capital  
  • Housing is in a high standard of living  
  • A high degree of security and luxury  
  • Guaranteed return on investment  


The most important areas near the Bin Zayed Road 


The area of Beit El-Watan – Lotus – the administrative capital 


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