Beit Al Watan Fifth settlement


Beit Al Watan Fifth settlement

Beit Al Watan – Fifth Settlement

Beit Al Watan Fifth settlement is one the best investment opportunities in New Cairo 


  • The most important areas of Bait AL watan. 
  •  Features of Bait Al-Watan in Fifth Settlement
  • Construction requirements in the area of Beit Al-Watan  
  • The size of the home project 

location Of Bait Al-Watan  


North: Suez Road and North 90th Street  

South: Mohamed bin Zayed axis, the main axis of the new administrative capital  

East: Midtown Circular Road – companding Mountain View and Cumbund Palm Hills New Cairo 

West: Clubs Road “Al Ahli Club – Al Jazeera Club – Al Police Club ” 

as has been noted, It is surrounded by a number of important monuments such as, (Al-Rehab City, Al-Mustaqbal City, Al-Shorouk City, and the new administrative capital). 

Beit Al Watan Fifth settlement

The requirements of the Authority of the Urban communities for building the house of Bait Al Watan


  • Structural ratios do not exceed 50% of Earth’s total area 
  • No more than three repeated roles besides the ground and basement  
  • two units are to be set up on this floor to prevent overpopulation  
  • In over 730 meters, three units are allowed  
  • Compliance with the Unified building Act No. 119 of 2008  


Features of Beit Al-Watan area  


  • The distinguished location near the administrative capital and the most important new cities covers a total area of 4200 acres 
  • The Viewzone, the largest commercial and entertainment service area in New Cairo, extends into the heart of the Beit El Watan area 
  • Also, the project is in the early stages of development,
    which allows for suitable prices compared to other regions as it is normal to increase prices after the completion of utilities and services. thus, increasing investment opportunities 
  • Low population density due to construction requirements of the Urban communities Authority of the Ministry of Housing  


8 districts in the house of Beit Al-Watan in the Fifth Settlement


The first district features: It is located between the main roadblocks of northern 90 street, and Suez road.
This makes it an important advantage in reaching from Cairo to the administrative capital and Ain Sukhna road near Cairo Airport  

Features of the second and fourth districts: Minutes from North 90th Street, which extends between the club’s area and Al View Zone area  

Highlights of 3rd and 5th Quarter: Minutes from the Central Ring Road between Al view zone, Combund Mountain View, Palm Hills, and HLYOPARK area 

Features of the seventh Quarter: The closest neighborhoods of the House of the Nation to the administrative capital, the Bin Zayed Road, the Central Ring Road, and the view Zone area 

Features of the 6th and 8th district: It extends to the Bin Zayed axis, the club’s area (Al Ahli Club), and the Al View-Zone area.
undeniably, making these Neighbourhoods of the best investment opportunities


important to realize, Beit Al Watan Fifth settlement is one the best investment opportunities in New Cairo

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